Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 8 - Help Me, Please...

"To get support instead of criticism from the people you love, you may have to train them.  Set up agreements with your support people by saying, "It will help me if..." followed by what you want them to do.  Be sure you also let people know the things you don't want them to do or say."

1.  Write a list of things that people are always welcome to say or do in regard to your weight-loss efforts.
I am SO fortunate in that I have pretty good support with my husband.  One of the things that we have discussed is, "please be patient with me when I make us eat weird things..."  Also, "please just roll with it when I want to eat out at _____ for the 30th time because of its friendly points menu."   I found a bag full of boxes of girl scout cookies in my hubbys front seat the other day and he just said, "should I just take these to my office?"  Smart move.  If they had come into the house...they would've been hoovered by me!  Of course, the fact that my hubby eats all kinds of goodies without me is a blog posting for another day.

2.  Create another list of things you don't ever want people to do (such as snatch your plate away, give you lectures, etc.
Again, very lucky...  my husband is pretty astute.  He doesn't want to end up in the dog house.

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