Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 10 - Appreciate good support.

I have been so busy that it has been tough for me to really give adequate focus to each daily concept.  I did got back to Weight Watchers on Saturday, after a hiatus, and I was up 1 pound.  :/  I'm not surprised.  I have been off the plan since before our trip.  On the upside, my husband has decided to try his hand at Weight Watchers and he tracked points for the 1st time yesterday.  I'm way jealous, the dude gets 51 points!  I get 28.  He fit in Girl Scout cookies and a hot sandwich from Fox's Pizza Den.  I was out of points by dinnertime and the worst thing I had was a bowl of cereal. 

Anyway, I am back on track.  I'm pretty competitive and it was eye-opening to see my husband tracking his points when I was slacking.  Of course, the hubby can stop sniffing an extra Yankee candle every day and lose 10 pounds...but, I can't - not - try.

So, Day 10 is appreciate good support.

Whenever someone offers you a genuine comment about your progress, try to respond warmly to the person who pays you the compliment.   I am WAY bad about this.  Really bad.  I do not take compliments well at all.  I typically feel insecure anyway, so for someone to notice me, well, it just makes me feel odd...  I always have to be funny.   "oh, yeah right" or "what do you want" when someone offers me a compliment... 

So, invent some responses to compliments - and be ready to use them when someone offers you your next compliment.

For me, just a "oh, thanks!" is better than what I've been saying.

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  1. You can do it! I'm proud of you for getting back on the program. Trips make it very tricky and 1 pound isn't bad!:) I have some good recipes on my blog that I have liked on WW if you want to check it out. Skinny Cow Ice Cream is my big indulgence (only 4 points!) that I look forward to at night. I have 27 points and really try to stretch them out. 51- what I could do with that!;) Lori