Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 4 - Boundaries, Not Diets

  Linda tells us, "Picture your diet program as a road or a path.  You can define the boundaries of your diet road based on the number of calories, points or other factors you choose to follow.  As you walk on the road each day, your goal is to stay between the sides of the road.  During times when you are strong and focused on our diet, you move the boundaries closer together, making the road narrower.  When you take a break from the program or are in maintenance, you widen the boundaries and allow more variety in your plan.  But, even on a really bad day, you never get off it completely."

Well, let me just tell you.  I'm pretty sure that I must be driving a Hummer on the diet-road-of-life.  Whenever I take a break from my program...  look out!  I am 4-wheeling it right off through the bushes and into the ditch.  Yup, that's me.  Off roadin'! 

I was thinking about this a lot today.  It was a really awful day.  Toward the end of the day, I was hit with a sudden wave of depression, stress and frustration.  I cried.  I was anxious.  So I ate.  I felt I ate.  I felt I ate.  I ate a plate of nachos.  Then I ate another.  Only then, about midway through that second plate of melty cheesy goodness, did I realize what I was doing.  I was eating because the food was my friend.  That plate of nachos, it told me it loved me.  It gave me a hug.  It was only after eating way too much that I realized that my friend wasn't hugging friend was squeezing the happiness right out of me.  This reminded me of some past relationships.  Like a toxic relationship, I keep on coming back to food because of love.  Oh, yes, like a bad boyfriend I keep thinking that things will get better if I just keep on waiting.  You know, I think maybe it's time that I break up with food.  This relationship is no good.

1.  Think about how you can define your narrow diet road compared to your wider diet road.  Make a list of your eating and exercise plans for both the Narrow Road and the Wider Road.

Narrow Road:
-Stay within my daily (Weight Watchers) points target
-Stick with my weekly points target
-exercise for 1 hour a day
-eat at home - plan a menu
-take daily supplements
-sleep at least 7 hours per night
-kick the caffeine/soda habit
-focus on health and weight loss

Wider Road:
-splurge but don't lose control
-move more
-eat out but make wise choices
-take a multi daily
-if I lose control, just start over
-Focus on health vs. weight loss

2.  Decide on ways you can be flexible with each of these boundaries without losing sight of the healthy road you want to follow.

I really want to lose weight, but I find that when I wander off road I end up thinking that since I'm not going to lose, my health doesn't matter either.  If I could at least just focus on one thing I want to work, replacing my usual breakfast fare with a green smoothie, then I have at least taken control of one aspect of my diet plan.  Then once I have that worked out...I can focus on another.  And maybe another.  Linda says, "boundaries should give you benefits not punishment...they are guidelines...not burdens."

Today - as I ate those nachos... 
I realized pretty quickly what I was doing...and even why. 
And that's a start...

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