Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 1 - I Used To Be That Way

Past failures do not mean that you will have the same result again.  I have tried and failed plenty of diet plans in the past.  I've tried Weight Watchers (this is my 3rd time), Jenny Craig, HCG, Atkins...and probably others.  I made it to goal at WW the very 1st time I tried but, of course, went right back into my old habits and gained it all back (plus some!)  It's only been in the last 6 months or so that it occurred to me that I am missing the mind-body connection somehow.  It is all mental.

For me, for whatever reason, my life revolves around food.  When is it time to eat?  What am I going to have?  Should I have this?  Should I have that?  If I go to the library...we will drive right by Sonic...or we could drive to Walmart and we will end up by Chick-fil-a.  If we go to Sam's we could have cheap pizza and a HUGE soda.  YUM!  Oh...I should NOT have eaten that.  I couldn't resist.  If nobody saw me eat that...then it's like it didn't happen right?  Why don't have I have any will power?  And on, and on, and on. 

Why does my life revolve around food?  It's not like I was deprived as a child.  It's not like I faced hunger or starvation.  I'm not sure I understand, but it is something I do recognize about myself...and the main reason (I think) that I've been unsuccessful on any weight loss program.  It is that feeling of deprivation that I can't tolerate and that desire for instant gratification that I miss desperately when I'm "dieting."  I miss that comfortable stretch of being "full" and the comfort knowing that later, if I want, I'll have that last piece of ....   

Day 1 tells us that, starting today we need to "eliminate the belief that things always go a certain way or that you never stay with your goals."  Ack!  Easier said than done I think!  Linda tells us to give ourselves a new message:  "I used to be that way, but now I'm different!"

Make a list of fears or negative behaviors that have hurt your weight loss success in the past.
1.  I am a quitter - i.e. I have NEVER been good about finishing what I start.
2.  When it gets too hard, I give up.
3.  When I get tempted/frazzled/tired, I tend to give in.
4.  Then I figure - since I slipped up I might as well throw the towel in.
5.  A big one for me - I've never been able to do it before...I probably can't do it now either.  Who am I fooling?

Now, write new endings...I used to be that way - but now I'm different! 
1.  I used to quit, but now I always finish what I start!
2.  I used to give up when things got hard, but now I find a way to make things more manageable, in fact, I enjoy the challenge!
3.  I used to eat when I stressed, tired or frazzled but now I read a book, take a nap, blog, hop on the elliptical or write my 100 days journal!

My mantra for the last couple of years has been "I Can Do Hard Things."  It got me through our adoption journey but now I think it is appropriate for this weight loss journey as well.  In fact, now I see this mantra everywhere...which is pretty amazing.   I googled it a bit ago and saw people who had run their first marathon, a lady who had competed in a triathlon and a family who just made it through a contested adoption.  Wow.  I'm not THAT amazing...and I'm not interested in running a marathon or competing in a triathlon or gracious NO, I do not want a contested adoption!  But, I can do hard things.  I can.  I can.  I can.

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  1. Inspiring!! "I can do hard things" is my mantra today ..,