Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 11 - Two Purposes of Food

Oh, I feel so uninspired.  This has been the strangest, weirdest week.  Somehow, in my mind, I've slipped into this period of "transition."  Long-story-short, I have fallen off the wagon.  Eaten a bunch of junk, no exercise, not enough sleep...  To add to this, the weather has been scary (tornado's/bad storms), Maggie has been sick, I've had a lot going on teaching primary at church each Sunday, the hubby has worked a LOT, and I'm just so, so, so tired.  I feel like this transition was a cross between a slip-up and a hiatus.  I'm not sure which.  I haven't given up yet!

Day 11 wants us to focus on 2 main reasons we should eat"
1.  to fuel your body
2.  to appreciate flavors

It's recommended we plan a minimum of three fuel stops a day with a couple of mini-stops in between.  Each time something is eaten, write it down.  Once you get an idea of what you are doing, when you are eating, how much you are eating...the make a plan to space your fuel stops 3-4 hours apart.

I find that if I get too hungry, I tend to seriously over-eat when I finally get my hands on some food! 

I am pretty decent at food tracking, something that Weight Watchers recommends.  I just need to regroup after the last 7 or 8 days of weirdness.  I need sleep!  I'm signing off to take a much-needed NAP!   ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 10 - Appreciate good support.

I have been so busy that it has been tough for me to really give adequate focus to each daily concept.  I did got back to Weight Watchers on Saturday, after a hiatus, and I was up 1 pound.  :/  I'm not surprised.  I have been off the plan since before our trip.  On the upside, my husband has decided to try his hand at Weight Watchers and he tracked points for the 1st time yesterday.  I'm way jealous, the dude gets 51 points!  I get 28.  He fit in Girl Scout cookies and a hot sandwich from Fox's Pizza Den.  I was out of points by dinnertime and the worst thing I had was a bowl of cereal. 

Anyway, I am back on track.  I'm pretty competitive and it was eye-opening to see my husband tracking his points when I was slacking.  Of course, the hubby can stop sniffing an extra Yankee candle every day and lose 10 pounds...but, I can't - not - try.

So, Day 10 is appreciate good support.

Whenever someone offers you a genuine comment about your progress, try to respond warmly to the person who pays you the compliment.   I am WAY bad about this.  Really bad.  I do not take compliments well at all.  I typically feel insecure anyway, so for someone to notice me, well, it just makes me feel odd...  I always have to be funny.   "oh, yeah right" or "what do you want" when someone offers me a compliment... 

So, invent some responses to compliments - and be ready to use them when someone offers you your next compliment.

For me, just a "oh, thanks!" is better than what I've been saying.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 9 - Here's what I want...

If you see me eating something that is not on my diet plan, please just give me a hug and ignore it entirely.  When I'm making progress, compliment me on how I look.  When I'm struggling (or gaining!) please tell me you really care about me, ask me how you can help...and then give me another hug! 

Share what you want with your support system, the post it some place where you can be reminded what you really, really want.

As I've been going through my days, my diet hasn't gone well.  Not even a little bit.  In fact, I'm wiping chocolate-peanut butter brownie off my face as I'm typing this.  I saw on Facebook that a girlfriend of mine has lost 27 pounds.  We started WW right about the same time.  I've lost 6.  Why am I not motivated?  I think it is because I am listless in my goals.  I need to set solid, reachable goals.  And I need to come up with something fun but measurable.  I'm spinning my wheels!  Setting a goal of "lose weight" is so vague and just plain "blah!". Having a definite reason on WHY I want to lose weight would help too.  I need to lock this in before I get much further into this challenge.  Hmmm...  Think, think, think.

And no, my peanut butter brownies weren't nearly that pretty...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 8 - Help Me, Please...

"To get support instead of criticism from the people you love, you may have to train them.  Set up agreements with your support people by saying, "It will help me if..." followed by what you want them to do.  Be sure you also let people know the things you don't want them to do or say."

1.  Write a list of things that people are always welcome to say or do in regard to your weight-loss efforts.
I am SO fortunate in that I have pretty good support with my husband.  One of the things that we have discussed is, "please be patient with me when I make us eat weird things..."  Also, "please just roll with it when I want to eat out at _____ for the 30th time because of its friendly points menu."   I found a bag full of boxes of girl scout cookies in my hubbys front seat the other day and he just said, "should I just take these to my office?"  Smart move.  If they had come into the house...they would've been hoovered by me!  Of course, the fact that my hubby eats all kinds of goodies without me is a blog posting for another day.

2.  Create another list of things you don't ever want people to do (such as snatch your plate away, give you lectures, etc.
Again, very lucky...  my husband is pretty astute.  He doesn't want to end up in the dog house.

Monday, March 5, 2012

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Day 7 - I Can Do It!

I decided not to blog my 100 days over the weekend.  It was so busy that I was unable to give adequate attention to the topic each day so I opted to wait for today when I could focus more on what I was reading and journaling.   Sundays are really busy, bustling days at our house!

I had an ok weekend.  I ate too much, exercised too little and didn't get nearly enough sleep.  Somehow I keep thinking that if I slept more, I'd feel better.  I find that I tend to turn to food to help keep me awake.  Sigh.

Today is Day 7.  I can do it!!!  Linda tells us, "practice saying the words 'I can do it' over and over.  Write them on sticky notes, and then post them on your mirror, your computer screen, and your car dash.  Read them many times a day, maybe even 100 times.  Push them deep into  your mind and use them as a powerful affirmation that you will succeed with your plan."  I have about 9 floating around the house right now.  On cupboards that I like to look in...on my bathroom mirror, here on my computer, IN the refrigerator, on my car dash...and a tiny one on my phone.

1.  Write the word I Can Do It!  Do it!!!  I did!

2.  Write out, "I Can Do It because...."
Oh, boy, this one is so tough.  Here is another funny thing about me.  I am an over-achiever.  A total Type A personality.  In the past I have been able to do anything I set my mind to.  Hard things.  Except this.  I'm not sure why THIS is different.  Why is it that I can do ANYTHING but THIS?  I have worked my tail off in the past, accomplished impressive goals, won money, accolades, honors, bragging rights, free products, and so forth.  But, darn it all -- I can't seem to target my weight and push through!  Why is this the one thing I've never been able to do?  Is it not meaningful enough for me?  Maybe there isn't enough challenge?  No bragging rights to be gained.  No medals to win....?   I sat here at the computer getting ready to get to work and I think back on my day.  I started out good with the green smoothie...(3pts)  and a blueberry muffin (4pts).  For lunch I had soup (3pts) but by 3pm I'm STARVING!  then I ended up eating another blueberry muffin (4 more pts) and a bowl of cereal (7 pts!!).  I get 28 points a day, and look...I've had 21.  Stupid blueberry muffins -- calling my name!

Listen to me and all my "I can't" and "wah-wah" statements.  Bah!

I can do it because....  I can do anything I set my mind to.  Even this.  I can do it because I can finish something I started.  I have to figure out how to get from 1pm to 6 pm without losing it every day.  I need a better plan.  I can do it because I want this!  I can do it because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I Can Do It!
(I stuck a sticky on my drink...someplace where I look quite often.)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 6 - Protect Your Program

Anytime you feel pressured to eat something, sidestep the food pusher by saying, "Not just yet; I'm going to wait a little while."  Make a commitment to "protect your program at all costs!"  Don't let people or events be an excuse to pull you off track.  (guilty!)

1.  Watch for chances to respond to food invitations by using the line, "Not just yet; I'm going to wait a little while."
I am so lucky in that I really do not have any food pushers in my life.  I am my own food pusher!  However, I do go to many gatherings and end up weakening my resolve and eating whatever I want.

2.  Identify at least 3 high risk times or events - how can you protect your diet program during each of these?
-Date night with the hubby - tonight!
-Babyshower - tomorrow morning!!
-Sunday - our church schedule meets during lunch time so I tend to be famished by the time we get out...we pack snacks but I end up going crazy and eating too much, not healthy, etc.

Tonight is my turn to pick our restaurant.  I can look at the menu online before we go and decide what to eat.  Maybe I can try to remember what Emily said this week on the Biggest Loser, "It's not the food you eat, but the company you keep."  Tomorrows baby shower, I'm sure there will be all kinds of finger foods and cake.  I will drink my green smoothie before I go, hopefully not be feeling hungry.  If I "must" eat...stick with the veggie/fruit tray, although there is nothing wrong with having a small treat.  Sunday, I need to pack healthier snacks!  Why am I carrying peanut butter granola bars around anyway if I get weak and tend to eat them.  All 7 points worth?!  I should just quit buying those stupid granola bars.  Duh!